Fun House – X – RIP Ray Manzarek

By now most of you have heard about the passing of Ray Manzarek founding member of the Doors. I’ve always hated the Doors but was a huge fan of the band X which of course Manzarek both produced and financially backed. That’s the second large name in one month, lets hope it doesn’t end in threes. Anyway the next linuxbasix show is rapidly approaching and I’ll be giving a rundown of Bsides Boston along with tips for backing up email archives in both evolution and thunderbird and a small section covering Bash. For the win I’ll be working out of the Mark Sobell book – A practical guide to RHEL and Fedora. I’m determined to gain my LPI this year and there is no better time than the present. For those who are still interested we will be meeting this Saturday at 10:00am for our intro to python. Look forward to seeing you then!

Python group meeting pushed back to May 25th

python logo
Just a quick heads up folks, originally scheduled for this saturday I have to push this back one more week. This coming Saturday I will be HERE. For those late to the party here is what you will need:

1. An account on Codecademy
2. Setup mumble
3. All settings are on the right side of this post – >

If you have any questions please email us at Linuxbasix at gmail If you’re in the Boston area, tickets are still available for Bsides Boston and they’re only $20. If I don’t see you there, I’ll see you a week from Saturday!

Happy Mother’s day eh?

Different take on an old song but good just the same. Here are a couple of noteworthy events if you are in the Boston are this week. On Wednesday you have the Boston Linux Unix monthly meeting. This month the featured talk is BeagleBone Black and Open Source Computing. As always the talk will be at MIT. More info can be found here – Also this coming Saturday you have B-sides Boston, this will be held at the NERD center in Kendall Square, more details can be found here – Other than that, Happy Mother’s day!

Numbas – episode madness – or why I did what I did…

I’ve been vacillating between using the old numbering system vs the new and improved and the final answer is to keep with the new numbering system. The reason behind my decision is that we were just continuing a fine legacy that was currently in place but now that is behind us, I realized this was a rash decision. That being said we are going to keep the reboot numbers so the latest episode is named lb-004×2.

lb – linuxbasix
004 – episode number
x2 – reboot

There now the madness has passed you’ll also notice that the ogg and mp3 rss feeds are up. Although we should only be using ogg, thats a discussion for another day. Artv61 and Chattr’s episode is in the can and as soon as Kevin edits the show, you’ll see the post along with the show notes.

Python – what’s happening, when and where!


So, here is the dirt. We start next week Saturday May 18th at 10:00am. We will meet online using mumble. If you do not have mumble installed please see the tutorial on the right -> You will also have to have an account with codecademy. The course work will be guided by codecademy so you will need to have this account. Nothing else is needed. All the work will be on the website. Why meet in mumble? Because people have questions and the forums for that site aren’t necessarily helpful or timely. People posting on the site usually have to wait a little. At least when the modules become more difficult you will have a pool of people you can ask these questions to. I’m hoping people find this useful. Any questions please email – linuxbasix at gmail

Metal Week kicks off today!

Its a self imposed metal week. So, Chattr and Artv61 recorded their show last Thursday, the show will be posted soon. I think Chattr and Artv61 are natural hosts, they have a very laid back approach and I look forward to each of their shows. Not to be outdone, Honkey Magoo and myself will have a lot to talk about when we record our show on the 25th. I will be working on the RSS feed this weekend and you will see this posted in the top corner when its done. More to come…

Consider this….

The above comes from –

As mentioned in previous posts we meet every Friday night at 9:00PM and every Saturday mornings at 10:00AM. I usually don’t show up on Friday evenings, its way past my bedtime. Among some of the topics discussed this morning was choices we make regarding our own professions. For myself, I have to start considering what my next steps are. I don’t want to become a windows admin, I just don’t care for it. However the larger question is, is it too late to become a linux admin? I’ve also considered taking a look at the security field as well. If there is one area that is experiencing a shortage of people, its the security field. I’m heavily leaning towards the security field. That being said, I’m straddling the fence between linux admin. Might as well keep moving toward the linux admin as well. After you identify your goal, what next? That is where I am now. More to come. I do plan on relooking at PC-BSD. This past weeks distrowatch news had a small section talking about the ZFS file system. I have to admit it peaked my interest enough to load PC-BSD in virtualbox and give it a go. I’ll give you more on this as I work more and more on this. For the moment I am still working on my ongoing review of Damn Small Linux. HonkeyMagoo has already posted a video on QEMU. I will be posting a link to that video at some point tomorrow. Just another reminder about our Python group. We are still trying to gauge people’s interest so if you want to be a part of this please email us at linuxbasix at gmail

So, ya wanna be a rock n roll star?

python logo

Ok, so programming in python has nothing to do with rock n roll…or does it? So I’m throwing this out there, Buyerbrown has been interested in starting a python group where we meet to discuss programming in python. This is for the beginner. The challenge for these types of get-togethers is this, finding a good guide, teacher, mentor, etc. With that in mind, the way I would like to approach it is this. Register for an account at Codecademy and once you have a login, look for a time and day we can get the ball rolling. We would meet once every two weeks to discuss the completed modules or talk about the problems we had and try and solve the issue together. That being said, I now need to gauge people’s interest in doing this. I’m proposing starting in May. This will give people time to spread the word and hopefully we can get a fair number of people going. I will start a thread in our forums for this under LinuxBasix Learning and Classes. Hope to see you there! Email us with any questions at linuxbasix at gmail



Please note, Door has sent me the login for the Linuxbasix at g m ai l dot c o m I will have a proper image of our email address. We are now monitoring the account so send us your questions or comments. I have also been speaking with John N about the show notes and older shows. We hope to have something in place this upcoming weekend. I’ve also had a chance to listen to the last Linuxbasix show and I think Artv61 and Chattr do a heck of a job. If you haven’t heard the latest, by all means scroll down and download the show. Next show will be recorded Saturday April 27 with myself and HonkeyMagoo. We will be following up on our ongoing review of Damn Small Linux. I will also be posting HonkeyMagoo’s video of qemu.

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!

We have the email! Kinda like smokin the pot. Well not really, we have a new email address – linuxbasix at the gmail dot com We’re kind of a slow moving behemoth that is starting to gain some speed! Come be a part of our juggernaut!