Episode 131-LinuxBasix Duck Duck Go! How I avoided being a prism b!tch


This episode I talk about Prism break and go over a couple of the suggested apps you should consider using for your day to day computer work. There is even a fun fact about Ed Snowden, Booz Allen, the Carlyle Group, George Bush Sr. and the CIA. You can find all the suggested anti prism apps below:


Next up? Duck Duck Go! I briefly go over what the search engine can do for you and why you need to make this your new default search engine.

DuckDuckGo Goodies
Don’t Bubble
Don’t Track
Get DDG swag!

After I’ve given you the rundown on DDG, we move on to the Tor browser bundle. This is not the full blown Tor, this is for private, encrypted browsing. I will address the full Tor application down the road. For the browser bundle you need to go here:


When you download the tar file you will need to move it over to a folder somewhere within your home folder. Do not try to install this in the /opt folder. When you’ve moved the tar file over to a folder, open a terminal and change into (cd) into that directory. NOTE**** Do not try to install this as admin or root! Tor will not setup correctly if you do. When you are ready to untar the file do so by using the command below:

tar -xvzf tor-browser-gnu-linux-i686-2.3.25-10-dev-LANG.tar.gz

When the file has uncompressed, enter ls -al to get a list of the files and directories list. You will now see a directory named tor-browser_en-us. In the terminal change (cd) into that directory. You will now see a script start-tor-browser. You can now run this script
with the following command ./start-tor-browser There will be a short delay of about 10 seconds, Vidalia will popup, after it initializes, the tor browser will now popup! You’re done!

Finally I wrap things up with the rm and the rmdir commands. I messed up my initial install of the tor browser bundle. I was in /opt and tried to install this while logged in as root. You know folks, that’s why there is documentation! So things got a little janky. I had to remove those directories. Of course you just can’t use rmdir tor-browser_en-us. All this will do is tell you that directory can’t be deleted because there are files in the folder. Log in as root, you cannot run the commands as a normal user. So, the work around for this, you need to use the following command:

rm -rf /opt/tor-browser_en-us/*

What the above script does is remove (rm) -r (recursive) f (force), meaning keep deleting everything until there is nothing left. That is what the wildcard * is. Please, please, please be careful when employing this command. Only use it on folders you have installed and are trying to remove. If ever in doubt, leave it alone. After running the above command, the directory is now empty and you can now go ahead and remove the directory using rmdir tor-browser_en-us and that’s it!

I’ve run out of time tonight so I will post the videos for these soon. Enjoy and stay private!

Episode 130 – What’s Bruin?


Ha, did you see what I did there? What’s Bruin? Its funny because they beat the Penguins. Ok, enough with the stupid stuff. Here is what’s on tap for todays show. I give you a rundown on XFCE and all things XFCE. Your links are here:

http://www.xfce.org/ The website

http://wiki.xfce.org/ The Wiki

http://wiki.xfce.org/tips Tips

http://blog.xfce.org/ Extremely helpful blog which includes additional tips

http://forum.xfce.org/ Yes they have forums too!

http://www.xfce.org/about/releasemodel The XFCE development release roadmap

Next up I give you a short how to on how to setup your keyboard shortcuts.


First go into Applications Menu, then choose Settings, then Keyboard. There will be a pop up box and the keyboard box will have three tabs – Behavior, Application Shortcuts and Layout. Select the Application Shortcuts tab. For this tutorial I will setup a keyboard shortcut for Thunderbird. So, in the bottom left corner of the keyboard popup box, select ADD. You will have another popup box titled Shortcut Command. The command box will be empty. To the left will be a button titled OPEN. Select the button and yet another box will open up and this will be to all your application executables. This should be in the directory /usr/bin. This directory will be in alphabetical order. Scroll down until you see Thunderbird and select OPEN. Notice that the command box now has the path for the thunderbird executable. Click OK. The popup box now shows the path and now you need to select the keyboard combination you wan to use. I chose the alt button and the letter t. You will see as you select the key combination, this will confirm you keyboard combination. That’s it. You will also see this in your Application shortcut section of your keyboard settings. Of course if you want to remove a combination, just open the keyboard dialog box again, navigate to the Application Shortcut tab, highlight the shortcut you want to remove and then choose the remove button. It is really that easy. For more tips and tricks, checkout the XFCE tips and tricks website – http://wiki.xfce.org/tips

I then move on to go over four distros for the linux beginner. As stated this was not meant to be a comprehensive list, just a start. Those three were:

Linux Mint – http://www.linuxmint.com/
Pinguy OS – http://pinguyos.com/
Bodhi Linux – http://www.bodhilinux.com/
Trisquel – http://trisquel.info/

Thats all for now folks.

Episode 129 is now out!


Yeah, it was nice to see the Boston Bruins close the door on the Pittsburgh Penguins last night. It won’t be an easy series but I would like to see the Bruins prevail because there is no crying in Hockey. You hear that Cindy Crosby?

Anyway the latest linuxbasix is out, I’ll append the show notes either later today or tomorrow. I cover bsides boston, backing up your email in Thunderbird and Evolution. To quote – Funtime had by all!

Episode LB-005×2 – A confederacy of audio madness!


Audio madness and Jeff Hanneman? What does this mean? Not very much but it was sad to hear that Jeff Hanneman of Slayer has died. What was odd was I was thinking the other day, how would this band retire? I never even entertained the idea of one of them passing away. That’s too bad. Pick yourself up by listening to the latest episode of Linuxbasix! Artv61 and Chattr entertain us with discussions of backup and other items of the day. When the shownotes make themselves available, I will add them to this post. We are closing in on 500 downloads already! I feel good about the group of guys we have working this podcast. Keep listening and thank you for your support!

Episode LB-004×2 – MARS has a what?! Pictures don’t lie


So there are a few things we are changing. The naming convention of the show is reverting back, we’ve just released episode 127. Jonathan came on the show and bailed my butt out for not being prepared. HonkeyMagoo gives us the rundown on Damn Small Linux and Bill showed up for support. Below are some of the topics we touched on. More to come later this week.


1. What we have been up to
2. Any new linux or tech projects
3. What is new with LinuxBasix

Python Study Group:
1.What it is
2.When we are going to meet
3.where to go to sign up for the codeacademy.com

1.Security in Linux
2. What we use
3. What we might not use
4. What we should use and why
5. Is there a line between being secure and tin foil hat? (this has always been a question of mine that i dont have an answer for)

1.What is it
2.Where it can be found (home router, home server, firewall distros)
3.Commonly used ports

1.What is it
2.Example of how to use it to scan a Windows box using a live Linux distro

1.The final look
2.Put a fork in it it’s done


Art & Chattr discuss how they first discovered Linux and their preferred desktop environments.

Ach du lieber!! So many podcasts, so little time!

How do you do it??? This episode is hosted by HonkeyMagoo and Bruce. Enjoy the madness, it may be the chocolate eggs talking but I think we’re off to a fine start.

Cleaning the feeds to present to you, our first show!

Below is the first show which was recorded March 14th. Artv61, Chattr and aparanoidshell are your hosts!