This place smells like Hotel Illness

I love the Black Crowes, funny thing, I’ve never ever seen them live. I met both Rich and Chris Robinson well over 15 years ago in NYC when they were supporting ZZ Top. My brother and I caught a show at the Roadhouse on W56th to see Albert Collins and while we were hanging out the Robinson brothers were standing right next to us! Funnier still, about 10mins later in walks Dusty Hill and Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top and their entourage. A truly unbelievable night. Anyway I’ve been sick for the last several days which is truly unusual and so the posting has been light. Only today was I finally able to knock out most of the NELF talks and I have to get together with Jonathan and get them posted on the NELF site. Also HonkyMagoo and I knocked a show out last night and it went quite well. Door has really set the bar high but we’ve got a good crew for this new incarnation. I also think from here on out, I’m just going to refer to the show as linuxbasix, we’re beyond the reboot part now and are fully back into the swing of things. The next show is due out when Kevin gets a moment to edit and post. Artv61 and Chattr will be doing their next show Thursday April 11th! Man I can’t believe we’re already in April already, both February and March went by so quickly! I hope folks like the changes we’ve made. I also spent a little time this evening cleaning up the forums because it was pretty messy. I’ve deleted some forums that were either dormant or without any posts. You can get the rest of the details in the forums.