Merry Christmas and something to look forward to on Friday Dec 27, 2013

Well, let’s see how this works. Maybe someday I can figure out how to correctly put a title on this.

This is in the nature of a test post. I have some access now and (here it comes) intend to post maybe once or twice a week.

First thing to throw out is: coming up starting Fri Dec 27 2013 is 30c3, the Chaos Computing Club’s 30th congress|conference.

Violet Blue’s post on links to the page where the schedule is available in various formats.
Glenn Greenwald to deliver keynote at 30C3 hacker conference for her article, and Schedule 30C3 for, yes, the schedule.  If you use korganizer, as I do, grab the .ics file (iCalendar on the linked page), and import the .ics into korganizer.

tbh, most times I find video a waste for things like keynotes, and I try to get an audio file instead of video. If there’s only video and no audio, it’s trivial to create one with avconv.

Another reason I listen instead of watching is what I’ve mentioned from time to time: I work 3rd shift and have hours available when I can listen. I don’t have any way I can watch.

I don’t know if I can enable comments to this post. I know when some of us were posting before, comments were off. Personally, I want comments on. Comments off on a blog seems to me like typing something in irc and having everyone in the channel on /ignore, but maybe I can’t change that, maybe it’s whoever controls the site controls commenting. I do see that I can’t add a category for this post (I’d like to categorize this as ‘worthalisten’), all I can do is select Podcast, Shownotes, or Uncategorized. I did ask a while ago about changing the footer ‘© 2013 LinuxBasix. All rights reserved’ to ‘cc-by-sa’  but nothing’s changed yet.

Merry Christmas.

If I can’t turn comments on, catch me in irc in #linuxbasix on (nick chattr). I’m not one for forums, so I don’t have a forums account on

I previewed this and comments are off. I don’t see any way in the Add New Post page to turn them on. Not what I’d prefer, since comments off makes the blog ‘here are my thoughts, and you don’t get a chance to tell me what you think, so don’t even try’.

— chattr (who will try not to use the first person singular so much next time)