So, ya wanna be a rock n roll star?

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Ok, so programming in python has nothing to do with rock n roll…or does it? So I’m throwing this out there, Buyerbrown has been interested in starting a python group where we meet to discuss programming in python. This is for the beginner. The challenge for these types of get-togethers is this, finding a good guide, teacher, mentor, etc. With that in mind, the way I would like to approach it is this. Register for an account at Codecademy and once you have a login, look for a time and day we can get the ball rolling. We would meet once every two weeks to discuss the completed modules or talk about the problems we had and try and solve the issue together. That being said, I now need to gauge people’s interest in doing this. I’m proposing starting in May. This will give people time to spread the word and hopefully we can get a fair number of people going. I will start a thread in our forums for this under LinuxBasix Learning and Classes. Hope to see you there! Email us with any questions at linuxbasix at gmail