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As mentioned in previous posts we meet every Friday night at 9:00PM and every Saturday mornings at 10:00AM. I usually don’t show up on Friday evenings, its way past my bedtime. Among some of the topics discussed this morning was choices we make regarding our own professions. For myself, I have to start considering what my next steps are. I don’t want to become a windows admin, I just don’t care for it. However the larger question is, is it too late to become a linux admin? I’ve also considered taking a look at the security field as well. If there is one area that is experiencing a shortage of people, its the security field. I’m heavily leaning towards the security field. That being said, I’m straddling the fence between linux admin. Might as well keep moving toward the linux admin as well. After you identify your goal, what next? That is where I am now. More to come. I do plan on relooking at PC-BSD. This past weeks distrowatch news had a small section talking about the ZFS file system. I have to admit it peaked my interest enough to load PC-BSD in virtualbox and give it a go. I’ll give you more on this as I work more and more on this. For the moment I am still working on my ongoing review of Damn Small Linux. HonkeyMagoo has already posted a video on QEMU. I will be posting a link to that video at some point tomorrow. Just another reminder about our Python group. We are still trying to gauge people’s interest so if you want to be a part of this please email us at linuxbasix at gmail