Episode LB-004×2 – MARS has a what?! Pictures don’t lie


So there are a few things we are changing. The naming convention of the show is reverting back, we’ve just released episode 127. Jonathan came on the show and bailed my butt out for not being prepared. HonkeyMagoo gives us the rundown on Damn Small Linux and Bill showed up for support. Below are some of the topics we touched on. More to come later this week.


1. What we have been up to
2. Any new linux or tech projects
3. What is new with LinuxBasix

Python Study Group:
1.What it is
2.When we are going to meet
3.where to go to sign up for the codeacademy.com

1.Security in Linux
2. What we use
3. What we might not use
4. What we should use and why
5. Is there a line between being secure and tin foil hat? (this has always been a question of mine that i dont have an answer for)

1.What is it
2.Where it can be found (home router, home server, firewall distros)
3.Commonly used ports

1.What is it
2.Example of how to use it to scan a Windows box using a live Linux distro

1.The final look
2.Put a fork in it it’s done