Numbas – episode madness – or why I did what I did…

I’ve been vacillating between using the old numbering system vs the new and improved and the final answer is to keep with the new numbering system. The reason behind my decision is that we were just continuing a fine legacy that was currently in place but now that is behind us, I realized this was a rash decision. That being said we are going to keep the reboot numbers so the latest episode is named lb-004×2.

lb – linuxbasix
004 – episode number
x2 – reboot

There now the madness has passed you’ll also notice that the ogg and mp3 rss feeds are up. Although we should only be using ogg, thats a discussion for another day. Artv61 and Chattr’s episode is in the can and as soon as Kevin edits the show, you’ll see the post along with the show notes.