Fun House – X – RIP Ray Manzarek

By now most of you have heard about the passing of Ray Manzarek founding member of the Doors. I’ve always hated the Doors but was a huge fan of the band X which of course Manzarek both produced and financially backed. That’s the second large name in one month, lets hope it doesn’t end in threes. Anyway the next linuxbasix show is rapidly approaching and I’ll be giving a rundown of Bsides Boston along with tips for backing up email archives in both evolution and thunderbird and a small section covering Bash. For the win I’ll be working out of the Mark Sobell book – A practical guide to RHEL and Fedora. I’m determined to gain my LPI this year and there is no better time than the present. For those who are still interested we will be meeting this Saturday at 10:00am for our intro to python. Look forward to seeing you then!