NELF – Review



This past weekend, the Northeast GNU/Linuxfest was held at Harvard University.  I had a chance to meet quite a few people in person.  Door, simply put, is a great guy and someone I feel the linux community is lucky to have.  Russ Wenner also the same.  On Sunday I had lunch with these guys along with Jonathan Nadeau and Cody Cooper.  The funny thing I think we talk about everything except linux!  Thanks to Cody, I now know what robotripping is!  In fact after this post, I’m heading out to my local drugstore…  It was a lunch I wished had never ended, truly a great time.  Klaatu was there along with Psychosis.  My regret is that I never got to spend any real time thanking the man who has helped me with quite a few things over the last couple of years.  I am glad he made it up to Boston but for me, I have to be in the position where I am not running things and actually enjoy an event.  We had a lot of really interesting speakers – Andrew Lewman of the Tor project, Wendy Seltzer, Matthew Garrett, Maddog Hall – just to name a few.  We had a good sponsor turn out. I did want to mention that HP was extremely supportive to our event.  They provided us with laptops for this event.  I installed Fedora 18 on them without issue.  No UEFI madness to deal with, just set it and we’re on our way.  All the talks were recorded using mumble and as soon as Jonathan records the intros, those will start appearing most likely as soon as today.  Those will show up on the website.  The only disappointment for me personally was the lack of local folks at this event.  I was really hoping to see a much larger turnout.  That is still a work in progress.  Our two day event was certainly ambitious we may scale it back to just a one day event next year, we’ll see.  We will have more hands available at this event so who knows?