That’s a nice zero day you’ve got there!


Here is a small followup from episode 129. There was a fantastic opening keynote talk by Dan Geer about Privacy but the talk branched out to so many different topics. One of them was on zero days, viruses and malware in general. Geer had discussed the idea of making all zero days, viruses and malware “open” to all. Taking from the unix/linux model of making things open in order to fix them. This of course is not the way of proprietary software. There is no good reason to hide these things unless there is a hidden agenda but that borders conspiracy and that’s not what I’m pushing here. I found this article interesting and I think you will as well. Microsoft and other US companies disclose security flaws to spies before customers. As if you needed yet another reason to get rid of MS in your home. Work is one thing but home is another and with our constantly erroding sense of privacy, every little bit to help secure your privacy should begin in the home.