That sound you hear? The door closing on the Blackhawks season!


With the win last night the Bruins took a 2 – 1 lead over the lifeless Blackhawks. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the stanley cup playoffs and the finals have not disappointed. Unlike the last series where the Bruins played the hated penguins, I don’t hate the Blackhawks. Infact if there were any other team playing for the cup, I would have most likely chosen Chicago. Ok, there will be a delay in the next episodes. The next one due out will be more of a philosophical approach to privacy and security. The one after that will be about KDE. In fact that is the reason for the delay. I will be speaking with one of the KDE developers, just not sure which one as of this afternoon. On a side note, given the fallout over the NSA and their spying on US citizens, the side product has seen a marketable rise in the use of Duck Duck Go. I will also be reviewing DDG in the security/privacy podcast so be sure to catch the show. DDG also passed a milestone today hitting it’s 3 millionth search just 8 days after hitting its 2 millionth search!

3 Million Searches!
Duck Duck Go sees record traffic