Centos ok!


I was having a tough time getting Debian to recognize a dual screen setup. It was a tough week no doubt but while I was trying to figure out the dual monitor problem, the video card in my machine died. Luckily I had a spare but I also have been using a debian centos windows setup at work. I decided its time to consolidate. So this afternoon I took stock of the machines I have – Dell 6420, Dell Optiplex960 and a Lenovo M58p. Both Dells are leased machine, the Lenovo is a frankenstein machine I put together. I also realized I had been under using the ram in this machine. I have a total of 8gigs and have been using 32bit Debian build. That all changed today. I’m going to moth ball the Dell machines because those will need to be returned in about 6 months. My lenovo machine will be my primary machine. I’ve installed Centos 6.4 – 64bit version. Now I’m using most of the 8 gigs of RAM. I have three vms I can run simultaneously if I choose. I’ve also decided I’m wiping my slackware laptop at home and putting centos on this machine as well. As mentioned in previous posts, its time to finally stop talking about trying for my LPI cert and actually do something about it. In the coming weeks whenever I have spare time you’ll start to see those videos I have been promising. Including my recent reinstall of thunderbird. I think I may have left one key element out of my tutorial. The video will make up for that. My laptop is almost up to speed already. I’ve installed mumble, audacity right off the bat. The machine is good to go.