Happy 4th!

american eagle photo: AP American-Flag-Eagle_zps4005acdd.jpg
So, with a hot dog in one hand and a hot dog in another and a hamburger in my heart, I am The American! Of course I’m referencing the latest BUGLE PODCAST. If you haven’t heard episode 240, you’re missing out. Funny, funny show! Well, looks like we’ve got some surprises coming in the near future. Among them, look for a segment from the FSF! We are also going to be adding three new segments to the show. More to come in the next three days. That being said, today is going to be a hot one so stay in the shade, keep the grill going and if you’re not near any water, every town has a pond you can swim in. Except maybe not in Camden N.J. I think the only thing to come out of Camden and then went back just as quickly as he broke out was Dwight Braxton but I digress. Happy 4th and remember to be nice to British people today after all no one needs to be reminded of an empire lost!