Episode 131-LinuxBasix Duck Duck Go! How I avoided being a prism b!tch


This episode I talk about Prism break and go over a couple of the suggested apps you should consider using for your day to day computer work. There is even a fun fact about Ed Snowden, Booz Allen, the Carlyle Group, George Bush Sr. and the CIA. You can find all the suggested anti prism apps below:


Next up? Duck Duck Go! I briefly go over what the search engine can do for you and why you need to make this your new default search engine.

DuckDuckGo Goodies
Don’t Bubble
Don’t Track
Get DDG swag!

After I’ve given you the rundown on DDG, we move on to the Tor browser bundle. This is not the full blown Tor, this is for private, encrypted browsing. I will address the full Tor application down the road. For the browser bundle you need to go here:


When you download the tar file you will need to move it over to a folder somewhere within your home folder. Do not try to install this in the /opt folder. When you’ve moved the tar file over to a folder, open a terminal and change into (cd) into that directory. NOTE**** Do not try to install this as admin or root! Tor will not setup correctly if you do. When you are ready to untar the file do so by using the command below:

tar -xvzf tor-browser-gnu-linux-i686-2.3.25-10-dev-LANG.tar.gz

When the file has uncompressed, enter ls -al to get a list of the files and directories list. You will now see a directory named tor-browser_en-us. In the terminal change (cd) into that directory. You will now see a script start-tor-browser. You can now run this script
with the following command ./start-tor-browser There will be a short delay of about 10 seconds, Vidalia will popup, after it initializes, the tor browser will now popup! You’re done!

Finally I wrap things up with the rm and the rmdir commands. I messed up my initial install of the tor browser bundle. I was in /opt and tried to install this while logged in as root. You know folks, that’s why there is documentation! So things got a little janky. I had to remove those directories. Of course you just can’t use rmdir tor-browser_en-us. All this will do is tell you that directory can’t be deleted because there are files in the folder. Log in as root, you cannot run the commands as a normal user. So, the work around for this, you need to use the following command:

rm -rf /opt/tor-browser_en-us/*

What the above script does is remove (rm) -r (recursive) f (force), meaning keep deleting everything until there is nothing left. That is what the wildcard * is. Please, please, please be careful when employing this command. Only use it on folders you have installed and are trying to remove. If ever in doubt, leave it alone. After running the above command, the directory is now empty and you can now go ahead and remove the directory using rmdir tor-browser_en-us and that’s it!

I’ve run out of time tonight so I will post the videos for these soon. Enjoy and stay private!