Out and about


So now that we are firmly set in Summer, there has been little time to dedicate to linux things. That being said, it looks like we’re on for the Northeast GNU/Linuxfest next April 5/6 2014 at MIT. Jonathan was giving a presentation at the Boston Linux Unix group and prior to that Gerry Feldman gave us a tour of what MIT had to offer in terms of space. Needless to say we were both blown away! Each room is equipped with dedicated seating with a counter so you can set your laptop while listening to a talk. You can take advantage of the free wifi. The rooms are fully equipped with overhead projectors and webcams. In short it is the perfect place for us. We’re really excited to get this going for next year. Details will be coming shortly on the NELF site. This coming Wednesday, Jonathan and I will be in Boston for a demo of Sonar for the Easter Seals Foundation. This could be a huge opportunity for Jonathan and will very much put Sonar at the forefront of linux distros for the blind. More to come on that front on Wednesday. As for Linuxbasix, I’ll be focusing a lot on Centos in the upcoming show. The videos will finally be posted tomorrow evening.