You got mint in my debian, you got debian in my mint!


Yes we get it! Two great flavors in one distro…. I was trolling reddit when I came across the release of Mint Debian MATE edition. For clarification MATE is pronounced Mah-Tey, its spanish. If you’re still curious head over to my favorite pop culture reference wikipedia for the full explanation – Back to our story, I’ve been a fan of Linux Mint for some time now, however when the desktop wars started just after GNOME forever doomed its desktop in favor of making everyones desktop look like an oversized smart phone, I decided to give LM a rest while it figures out just what it is going to do desktop wise. I did try their release with cinnamon. For me it was a disaster, there were times desktop kept freezing while using chrome. Not sure what the cause of the issue was. There were other times when just prolonged use would also cause this to freeze. So with that I chose to abandon the distro. You are correct in assuming I should have looked deeper and find out why this was happening. I chose not to do this because this hasn’t been my main distro in a few years. I did this because I used to suggest this as a distro that new users who have never used linux before as their gateway distro. If they run into trouble they are not going to try and troubleshoot the issue either. I know this is a messed up way to evaluate a distro but I want to be sure that the distro I suggest actually passes “the easy test”. In the past year I have been at a crossroads because I have had people on both ubuntu and linux mint and for some this has been going on for four plus years. I would have to start upgrading them at some point. I wanted to move the ubuntu users off to a new distro and I was thinking the same might have to happen with older linux mint users too. Luckily I saw that linux mint LMDE edition has been released and better yet? Rolling distro – BAM! What else? Based on Debian beee-otch! What does this mean? Never having to ever reinstall the OS ever again!!! Of course unless something truly disastrous happens. So, currently I installed this into a vm and will be testing this in the upcoming weeks and hopefully this will be everything I had hoped it would be. I would love to start suggesting the use of linux mint again! From the initial look of things, everything installed fine without a hiccup and took about 30mins from start to finish. Comes with Libre Office by default and it is fast! I installed audacity and right out of the box you can save files in mp3! Of course I prefer ogg but that’s for tomorrows post. Much much more to come with linux mint!